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When I began my present career as a writer, as you may, or may not know, I was involved with fighting the CPS (Child Protective Services.) I knew very little about the department. Originally, I’d been a temporary foster home for children in transition, indeed, had been paid by the department for services rendered. As luck would have it my daughter in law became involved with CPS, and as a good “dad” I took up her cause. I’ve told you before that I’m allowed to be wrong twice a year, and brothers and sisters, Jackie was one of those times. The end product was I was divorced, my ex adopted the grandkids, and Jackie split to parts unknown.
While still stinging from my butt whipping I began to write for Angel Eyes Over Texas about CPS, and turned out some fairly good stuff. Basically, I was astounded by the lack of professionalism, and the complete ignorance of the Bill of Rights. I came up with several ideas during this time which floated up during the Sunset Commission, but I began to think that there was no hope. Children were dying, children were being lost, money was misappropriated, and all of this had nothing to do with Jackie. As her lifestyle drifted back to us, as a family, we began to see the true Jackie, and on both sides of the fence, all were glad that she was no longer part of the children’s lives.
My ex remarried, and began to raise the babies in Utah and Killeen. The reason for this was her new husband, Joe, was suffering from Agent Orange and had to constantly travel between Salt Lake and Austin to get treatment. He lost his battle in April of 2015, but not before he formally adopted all the children, and bestowed on them all of his benefits earned from his service to our country, and that service was beyond belief. Three bronze stars and a silver one, Purple Heart, the ol’ Sarge served his last mission and took the hill, leaving his “buddies” set for life.
My ex settled in Utah to raise the children. All was well, except for one little detail. Lying, greedy relations who saw gold in them thar hills, and when my ex had a heart attack, these vultures rose to the occasion, not to help, but to steal! The ex had three heart surgeries, none of which worked, and had to come back to Texas where there are real doctors to get fixed, which she did. A Utah CPS case had been filed on her while she was under the knife, and she drove herself, and the children to safety while bleeding.
Enter one Nacole Wyche! The Utah case followed down to Texas and Ms. Wyche was assigned the case. She’d met the kids before. She had a double degree, one in psychology, and most of all, she was from Killeen! Naturally, while pulling all the knives out of our backs, we were a bit rattled when she showed up. I’ll make a long story short. Nacole Wyche was the epitome of public servant. She was fair, caring, intelligent, and truly loved children. She cut right to the core, and while I won’t tell you details, I will say that maybe, just maybe, we’ve all turned a corner. Previous to this I’d been exposed to case workers who couldn’t even communicate in the English Language. Not Ms. Wyche! This woman should be a writer! In conclusion, I’d like to say, if the “department” is gaining people like Nacole, we just may be blessed!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Justifiable Homicide

    When you destroy someone's life, and take all their hopes and dreams there are consequences and you must realize that they may something you do not expect. So it was yesterday when a mother welcomed a CPS worker to the infernal regions. Of course the cover story all the touch points, "selfless worker," "mother of two," "everyone is shocked." They weren't shocked when little Alex Hill died, now were they? They weren't shocked when a CPS “Coach” had a romp in the hay with afourteen year old girl, now were they? They weren't shocked when a CPS Director fell in love with anine year old girl . . . NOW WERE THEY? 

    My stripes have never changed. I watched the "department" take the most creative, beautiful person I've ever known, and reduce her life to ashes. I hate the CPS with every fiber of my being, and I commend that woman for a most excellent shot.  Am I being too vague here? I once told Jim Black that it amazed me no one had taken matters into their own hands so far. Ted, another friend, who has worked as a contracting psychologist for the CPS told me the guilt trip heaped on parents causes them to feel as it somehow THEY did something wrong, and failed their children. That and when even asking a question can get you labeled as having anger issues you dare not tell them you might have issues with the kidnapping, rape, and murder of children, because, of course, "It's all about the children!" 

    Defense of family is instinct. To protect your young is ingrained in every mother. Even a good dog has a right to bite. Even monkeys do that. Could it be that under common law the termination of the CPS worker is justifiable homicide? "Termination." Y'all like that? That's what Planned Parenthood does to the unborn.  CPS! Now you've tasted my mutton, how do you like it, huh? 

    I connected the dots using the Texas Law of Parties  trying to make CPS workers accountable for the death of a child that they had placed into Foster care. My reasoning was if I could roll one body out after execution it might level the playing field and the CPS just might realize there was a bit more at stake here than their budget. Well, we HAVE our body! Wonder if the cops drew a silhouette around her with that little caulk they carry?  I'm so insensitive. That poor women had children who will never see her again. Wait, that was her job, wasn't it. Making sure children never see mommy again, but I digress. 

    All the human misery, crushed lives, perverted justice from perverted judges and broken families just got boiled down to one well place shot on a summer day. Oh, the police will say it's the worse crime they ever saw, case workers will sling snot, and if Obama had a white daughter she'd look just like HER. (I'm enjoying this too much!) Wanna know the downside? CPS still has the little girl. They will make sure that precious child will pay for this, and if you don't believe that, have I got a bridge for you, and it's on SALE . . . in Vermont!

Simple Ol' Boy From Austin

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Why We Are Stalled in the Reform of CPS

Editor's Note:

The following article was transferred from a document created by Roz McAllister on June 4th 2015. Many people do not agree with Roz.  Personally I tend to "agree to disagree" with her from time to time, but I do very much respect her 18 years experience as an advocate for reform. Therefore the reason I felt that her voice needed to be heard and posted where it could more easily be shared... Jim

Why We Are Stalled in the Reform of CPS
Roz McAllister, Family Advocate

            It seem that the stall in reform within Children Services is all my fault.  Why is beyond me since all I have done is attempt to explain, the “been there, done that” and it just doesn't work.  In fact, it backfires, time and time again!

            First let's just look at this from the common sense angle, and get to the nuts and bolts in a bit.  Can you name any family that was reunited by protests and petitions?  Well, I sure can't!  And before you try to site Justina, I can tell you that the spot light of the media did put pressure on, but then, when someone as big as Glenn Beck takes an interest (and may have helped fund the parents' fight), it's a bit hard to ignore.  The key was getting the right attorney to fight the case the proper way that was the winning factor, not the media.  You see, the judge is not supposed to listen to anything on a case outside the courtroom.  That being said, if the media put pressure on the decision, the judge is in violation, and needs to be off the bench!  So, let's look at a few current events and how they affect the reform movement.  But first, let's look at where we are starting. 

            Only 4% of US children have CPS cases.  This number has been relatively stable over the last several years.  I don't think anyone would not agree that there are some abused and neglected children for which CPS intervention is needed.  And some children are getting in-home services.  So, let's say that 2% of the children in the US need CPS.  So that means only 2% children are mistakenly in foster or kinship care.  That number makes us “insignificant” to the federal government to start with.  And the amount of money spent on foster care and related expenses are a small part of the federal budget.  Now add that the day to day operation of CPS is NOT a federal matter, but a state or local matter, depending on the state.  13 states don't have a statewide agency, but rather are a “county administrated” setup.  Here in Ohio, there are 88 separate CPS agencies, none of the employees being state employees, but county employees.  Many have their own policy and procedure manuals.  WE SIMPLY ARE TOO SMALL TO MATTER TO THE FEDS!  So, we must work smartly, accurately and in our own states to get anything accomplished.


            First, this is not a federal issue.  Secondly, the White House personnel don't even read these until they hit 100,000 signatures.  Then, they don't do anything anyhow!  Remember that Marine stuck in the Mexican prison?  The White House ignored that one and there were many, many more than 100,000 signatures.  And the current president is from what party?  He's a democrat!  The party of Mondale, the Clintons and Obamacare.  All furthering CPS.  And since you are public on your signature, you CPS worker gets to see that you signed it.  So, explain to me the good in this move.


            Here I refer you back to the fact that none of this can effect a good judge.  And in one case, The Sisters in AZ, the fact that there was so much on Facebook and rallies and protests, the mother was issued a gag order.  You can argue 1st Amendment all you want to, but the 1st Amendment states “Congress shall make no laws”.  The judge is NOT Congress.  And if the other parties in the case, the caseworker, GAL, CASA, judge, attorneys, don't feel safe because of it, then it is appropriate for the judge to do something.  Again, you don't have to like it, you may feel it's immoral, but it's legal. 

            I planned and participated in one such rally years ago.  I was invited to sit in the courtroom, a HUGE honor in Summit County, OH.  I had worked long and hard and won the respect, if not agreement, of the court.  (That's why I preach about being creditable.)  And I asked a couple of questions of the parents' attorneys and took my advice and changed up their questioning.  At the end, the deputy sheriffs, as I was leaving, thanked me and my group of about 15 people for being so respectful of the grounds, the officers and the citizens. 

            Fast forward a few years, and I am in a courthouse in another county not far away, supporting another mother, and acting as a free-lance paralegal to an attorney.  I saw one of the magistrates (a person that hears cases in Ohio below a judge) from Summit County.  I had heard that she had left the bench, but didn't know why or exactly when.  As I had never had anything bad to say about her, I addressed her in the hallway.  She was very snippy with me.  I chalked it up to her being a prosecutor for CPS now, and didn't let it bother me.  As we are sitting in the conference with the magistrate for the parent, in walks Richards and tells the magistrate that I am a protester, not a paralegal and I was a trouble maker when she was on the bench in Summit County.  I got kicked out!  When the parent got a new lawyer, she was barred from speaking to me.  My name is now MUDD in that county!  NO MORE PROTESTS!


            Again, been there, done that.  I've spoken three times on the Capitol lawn (see YouTube under Rosalind McAllister) and I was recorded on the Congressional Record (no big deal, you just ask that your meeting be recorded and it is available for people like that Senator from OR to listen to) twice.  It was nice to meet people from across the country, but nothing came of it.  I lobbied in the Senate Office Building with my then 7 year old grandson.  It was a great education for him and they said they were holding a spot for him as a page, he was so impressive at his job. (Cute, too, if this grandma can brag!)  You can see photos on my Facebook if you are among my friends.  Although our panels that are the Record had invited Congress to attend, no one ever came.  Bill Windsor, with Lawless American, the film that never was, did a gathering in DC.  Very few came and, again, no advance. 

            Why?  Because it's not a federal issue (See the 10th Amendment) and go back to the low impact.  And to be very cynical, I don't think many in DC are people minded.  People as a whole, yes, individually, no.  It's more about money.  It might be different if we, within the movement, did more to get the right people elected.  Most parents can't name their own representatives, let alone others in their state. 


            And say what?  That CPS is hurting your family?  That the judge isn't doing his/her job?  That the system is corrupt?  That they are selling kids?  AND YOUR PROOF?????

            The media takes enough raps for exaggeration of issues.  They need solid proof of misconduct.  Of course, it sure doesn't help when you are trying to assist a family, and it turns out that they didn't exactly tell you everything (like the baby was special needs and the parents were missing doctor appointments), so perhaps the media got it wrong, but your hands are tied in advancing the case.  On the very first case I assisted, we tried to go to the top investigative reporter in Cleveland.  He told me that he couldn't help because he had his own kids.  And once, when we got an investigative reporter to interview the parents, it was never aired. 

            So you do manage to get the media out to your rally/protest with all 5 of you there (okay, so there is 20 when there are 1,000 cases in your county.  Doesn't look good!)  And you have a bullhorn (megaphone) and you are yelling about selling kids and the state making money and the caseworkers getting bonuses for taking kids.  Well, since none of this is true, but the official budgets, union contracts, and court adoption records, you have just proven that CPS was most likely right.  You are crazy and a danger to your children. 

            Oh, we didn't do all that!  We just passed out fliers with information.  Was the information correct?  Was it local/state information?   Did you quote reliable documents and sources or videos from YouTube from non-experts or articles from non-recognized sources with no footnotes, only opinions?  I don't ever want to hear another TV story that says “Disgruntled parents” as a start.  What about “concerned citizens”?  Everyone wants “face time” to tell their own personal story.  They really don't care! 

            Recently, in Houston, TX, two babies died of abuse in 2 or 3 days while in foster care.  The reporter of the LOCAL FOX affiliate asked for stories people had about CPS.  Well, someone in a TX group, but not from TX, put out a call for stories from all over the country.  What a mess!  And a TX advocate claimed to have the ear of that reporter.  The person from Maine most likely ruined the chances of any more stories!  I commented only to say that as a national advocate, I hear much from TX and CPS's disregard for proper procedures and best practices.  I was available if he wished.  Other posts were sprinkled with colorful language and mean-spirited name calling.  Yeah, that looked real good for all of us, didn't it?  By staying clear of the fray or being above the mess, we can only hope that the TX advocate didn't lose a valuable connection.


            Well, did you bother to see who he is and what he stands for?  I did!  He is known to be all talk and no action.  His letter to the 50 governors proved, in and of itself, that he is uninformed.  13 of those governors have NO SAY in CPS in their states (OH, WI, CA, SC, NV to name a few) because they are county run.  Here in Ohio alone, he would have had to send 260 letters to address the top people in charge of CPS.  Not knowing that little fact ruins his credibility. 

            This guy is a democrat “ranking member” doesn't mean he is the chair of the committee.  That would be a Republican.  He has little if any true voice in the Senate.  A lack of general knowledge of the way government works got a bunch of people all excited about nothing.  And then, someone decided to send him individual stories.  He didn't ask for them that I can find, and no one will link me.  So, on that information, and after I attempted to verify it, it seems that yet again, what MAY have been an opportunity, no matter how slim, could be killed.  I even saw one person bragging that they personally had sent 9 letters.  And we want DC to think we aren't crazy?  How is that possible?


            Again, the wrong target, so we look like mental cases who forgot to take our meds!  FBI cannot just investigate things within the state.  It must be across state lines, an invitation from local government (like in missing children cases), or VERIFIABLE disregard by local law enforcement, like here in Cuyahoga County.  Here, the FBI was called in after the county sheriff (who ended up convicted) and the prosecutor wouldn't do anything about the corruption (the REAL corruption!) that was happening.  The County Commissioner, County Auditor, the Sheriff, six Cleveland Building Inspectors, many others for a total of 60 convictions in the county. 

            I tell you this only to say that I am well aware of what the FBI can and cannot do.  They are well aware of what parents and families see as a problem with CPS because they have been getting reports for years.  They don't have jurisdiction to do anything!  So, once again, it's wasted time and effort.  And again, because that is the case, we ALL look like ignorant whiners.  And anyway, what exactly got changed by Anonymous' actions to this date?  Another failure of an idea.

            So, you see, I have thought out all my options.  I have looked at all the angles, all the possibilities.  Some I have even tried, and some I have had backfire.  Some were a waste of time (except for my grandson seeing how lobbying works and site in DC). 

            I have been at this for 18 years next month.  Yet, the “young 'uns” act like I am an idiot.  I ask pointed questions because they need to understand what they are doing.  And I ask them directly so that there is no misinterpretation.  For those of you who have not had the “pleasure” of seeing my rude, mean-spirited and “bullying” questions to those promoting misguided events, here are a few:

            You do realize that Obama is pro-CPS, right?  So why are you wasting your time?

            The Democratic Party is the party of the original CPS legislation, and increased by Clintons.                       Why are you trusting them to change their work?

            CPS is a state issue, so why are you going to DC?  And you are going during a vacation week!

            Why are you saying that CPS makes a profit when that is not the case?

            Are you registered to vote?  Did you campaign for/with your state representative?

            Oh great!  Yet another setback for reform!  I may die before we get this done at this pace!



Friday, April 24, 2015

I vas only following ordehs!

The CPS is out of control, and they've been that way for so long that it's going to take a long time to untie all the knots. CPS is only part of the problem.. Family court judges are the support mechanism that assures smooth operation of the system, which all pays homage to the god of federal funding. Don't believe for a minute that it's "all about the children." It's all about the funding. The department MUST survive, and if some kid gets taken for his honest opinion in a class discussion, or if little Alex Hill gets her brains bashed out by a foster parent the interests of the department are paramount. We, as Americans, oh forget them, as TEXANS, must stand up! This unrelenting assault on families must stop. I've said it before, when that first body bag rolls out of Huntsville you're going to see a mass exodus for the Mexican border because then there will be a price for the murder of our children. And on that day "all about the children" won't work. I guarantee you that worker's last words, as the poison flows will be, "I was only trying to help," or "I vas only following ordehs!"

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Love & Logic

     I am reading a book loaned to me by a school councilor.  "Parenting with Love & Logic," by Foster Cline & Jim Fay, which you can find at:

      My grandson, Nick, six years old, has a bit of an aggression problem. His twin, Chris, is a "negotiator," but little Chris takes a more "direct" approach. When the lady sent the book home the first thing I thought was, "Yeah, RIGHT!" Here's one more bi-sexual liberal Democrat trying to tell me to let the kids run everything, and if they get out of control, well, they have a pill for that! Well, in a word, I was wrong. I'm allowed to be wrong twice a year. 

     The basic premise of the book is to let kids work out their own problems whenever possible. Now, that doesn't mean to allow them to play soccer in the freeway, but it demonstrates that when a child encounters an issue the parent should not micro-manage or rescue them every time, so long as the situation doesn't endanger life and limb. The more I read the book, the more absorbed I became. The authors actually suggested, when dealing with a child that has entered that stage of talking back, to let other kids handle it. When a five year old sasses a six year old, and gets his nose rubbed into the grass it just might be a good thing. I thought, "Whoa! Even a stopped watch is right twice a day. These Yankees might be onto something!" 

     Another section dealt with coats. Instead to telling children to wear a certain coat, simply mention to them that it is cold today and let THEM make the choice, and live with the result. Good, sound logic, but therein lays the problem. I'm going to have a meeting with the councilor and explain some facts of life to her. There is another element involved here, and we all know what that is. The CPS!

     I've got a busy body neighbor, two busy body teachers, and a busy body principal in my kid's lives. And let me tell you, brothers and sisters, they're open for business! Let's just take the coat idea for instance. Puck gets up with her usual attitude, which is always two bubbles short of plumb before her morning chocolate, and I do as the book says, casually mentioning only in passing that it is cold today. Depending upon which side her toast is buttered on that morning, Puck may, or may not choose to wear a coat, and most likely will not. So she parades down to the old bus stop with her, "Let It Go" T-Shirt and goes off to school. CPS call, NEGLECT! Here's comes Miss WhomEVER from the department, and we all have to bend  over for a full cavity search! 

     THIS is the issue we all have to address! The micro-managing of families by an ever intrusive government has got to stop! We have been investigated thirty-eight times in the last two years, all charges "ruled out" and the show goes on. Just yesterday, Puck decided to change her shoes at school, not liking the new ones we'd purchased, donning an old pair that she found more comfortable and there were questions coming down from the school because she didn't have shoe strings on the older pair. People, this was a major discussion involving certified Professionals with college degrees! Now, we're paying these people, folks. If they were just hanging out doing this nonsense it would be bad enough, but we give them MONEY for these shenanigans! I have to sell books to make a living. All they have to do with their time is look at an eight year old's FEET! I'm just a Simple Ol' Boy From Austin, but did I miss something here? 

     All that having been said, the book is a good, sound book. I believe if thinking people, such as these two authors get involved then we can get all these ponies back in the  corral. I would love to meet the writers and tell them, "Loved your book, agree with every word, unfortunately the CPS says you are recklessly endangering the children on Texas, and frankly they're wondering if you have children of your own!"

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Your Children Are Not Safe In Public Schools

     My grandchildren have been under assault by two school teachers at Bellaire Elementary School in Killeen and one neighbor who lives behind us. The two teachers, in concert with the principle of that school have conspired together to file charge after charge against us for all manner of abuse, and publicly choose which of the children they'd like to adopt. We have inside information on this and i can assure you it is true! On one occasion the neighbor called the fire department, EMS, police and CPS to come and draw weapons because she "thought" the children were in "imminent danger." To date more than thirty-five charges have been leveled against us, all of which have been unfounded! 

     Teachers are protected by the mandatory reporting system in place. The last charge was that one of the twins had a "suspicious" bruise on his jaw. The two teachers and the principle did at that time deliberately circumspect the nursing staff at the school and when said child was taken to the hospital it was discovered that he had strep! As i have pointed out the early symptoms of Ebola and Strep are remarkably the same and so by playing doctor these people put every child in the school in danger!  The teachers had to actually walk by the clinic in order to go to the office, never letting the nurses see the child. I'm told that all they have to do is get other teachers to agree that they would have done the same thing, and they are then immune to prosecution. 

     Your public school system is no longer for education. It is a gathering system for procuring children for teachers wishing to destroy your family. Your children are not safe in a public school! This is my plea to all persons living in the Bellaire School District in Killeen to be aware of the intent of these people. Do not allow your children to be questioned by teachers. My grand children have been grilled daily, as the teachers gather "evidence" for their further adventures in family wrecking. 

     I demand that these teachers, and said principle be removed from contact with any children, and request the District Attorney of Bell County Texas look into charges against the same. While they are "immune", to create a false case and involve the CPS is a state jail felony. Furthermore, to conspire to commit a criminal act is conspiracy, and involvement in organized crime. I will not put this down, and I will not let criminals prey on school children. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Playing Doctor

     Well, I was blessed by a visit from the CPS this week. That's where I've been, by the way, for all those  of you with inquiring minds who thought I had died. That was Spock that died, I'm fine. Anyway, one of the twins took a swing at the other twin and the school went into full NSA overdrive. Rather than taking the five year old to the clinic the teacher secreted the kid in some remote portion of the school house and called the CPS. We were hit at two-thirty in the morning, I Crappith thee NOT! 

     "Ding Dong," the doorbell went and since we never answer the door at that time of the morning, I simply waited until the patrol car pulled away and called the police station whereupon I was informed that the caller was a "well check" requested by the CPS. (This is my surprised face!) Naturally, the whole house was up by that time, and having had many precious encounters with the department before, the kids were riled up pretty good. 

     Now, for the novice out there let me explain how this works. First off public schools are revolving doors for CPS "product." Teachers pick a child they want, wait for a scratch, or bruise, and call the ever vigilant hot line to place their order, I mean report an injury. There is no such thing as a common sense factor in this. If said child bumped his butt on the school slide and got a bruise, full investigation up to and including drug testing of parents, and questions about pedophilia. In this case I was alone at the house the next evening when they showed up. Kinda like I planned this, huh? Actually I had an evil scheme . You see, the last time we went through this they sent this hot little blonde out ALONE, so, you see? Well, this time let's just say it was NOT a hot little blonde, and she brought Evander Holyfield with her! Curses! Foiled again! 

     I was polite and broke all my own rules letting the man and woman right in. I can say they were honest about the issue. Slight bruise on a twin's chin, and the other twin had confessed. You'd think the whole thing would end right there. Au Contraire. Five kids, five WHITE kids with blue eyes, all eight and under, that's a lot of money on the table there. We had to take pictures, LOTS of pictures. Fortunately everything was in order. I was expecting a young lady so the house was perfect. 

     I'll never get used to how untrained CPS workers are. They show up at a house, after dark, to possibly take children away from the family, get invited in by an old man who looks like Brigham Young, and just sit down like they've got good sense. For those of you who follow my tweets you know this was the night I was treating a sore throat with Jim Beam, and, of course I'm Packing. God bless the second amendment! So, for those of you who don't like people defending themselves I will let you know that we all had a nice chat, shook hands, and the two workers left without any holes in them. 

     Oh, I'm sorry, the investigation? As I write this the assailed twin is at the clinic. Seems the "bruise" was a shadow caused by the mumps. Yeah, remember those? When the teacher by passed the REGISTERED NURSE in the clinic this entire comedy of errors commenced from a case of mumps! Oh, it'll drag out. Like I said, that's a lot of money on the table. Speaking of money let's see what this cluster screw cost YOU Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer. Hmmmm, fully staffed, twenty-four seven call center in Austin, at Austin rates, one investigator, one guy with the investigator, car, gas, cell phone, police officer, secretary and appropriate staff down at the office to type all this up. The full physicals and psyche evals of five children you didn't pay for, WE paid for that, because when we get into one of these things we like to use LICENSED doctors NOT on the take from the CPS. Oh, and we footed the bill for the health department coming out and giving the house a clean bill of health, and the thirty five dollars for the fire department to tap all the fire extinguishers with that little rubber hammer they have. All because some school ma'arm decided to stop teaching reading, writing, and rithmatic, and chose to play Doctor! Hey, maybe I can get that teacher to come out, I mean, she likes to play doctor so much.